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Of course some wolfdogs are much more like wolves than they are dogs and make delightful additions to the right family but they are not huskies or Alaskan Malamutes.

Despite that setback, having a common interest such as pets can help the search for love.

LOS ANGELES — On these dating sites, a passion for pets will help you find more than just puppy love.

As with any other exotic pet, the legality of wolfdogs in your area should be verified before considering adoption or purchase.

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Mc Dermott’s concerns won’t change Pelzer’s plans to return to Pets She remembers unpleasant run-ins with dates from sites that don’t cater to animal lovers — once a man nudged her pooch off the couch.

Certain permits and enclosure requirements may be necessary depending on where you live.

We'll also keep our eyes on the i Pad and Android webcam sex markets as more and more cam sites adopt HTML5 compatible video streaming.

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