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At first, the young man commented on her pictures and other posts on her QQ page. They became friends, and a month and a half later, he invited her to have lunch together on a Sunday. Her story is common among young Chinese, who are increasingly looking for love online, pressured by society’s expectation to get married young and constrained by work schedules.China’s two largest dating websites, and, together have 235 million registered users – more than twice the number of users of the Top 15 American dating sites combined."To regulate the domestic entertainment market and purify its environment, we find it inappropriate to bring in performers with bad behaviours." The Canadian singer is currently on his third world tour, with dates scheduled in Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.According to his official website, no shows are due to take place on the Chinese mainland but tickets are being sold for shows in Beijing and Shanghai. A staff member claimed they were not aware of the decision against Justin Bieber, but would refund fans if the concerts did not go ahead.IVoveur is based in New York, where approximately 1,000 of its 10,000 members, mostly in their late twenties to midforties, are located.The site's founders are particularly interested in making women feel comfortable: "It's the male who may initialize opening the relationship, but it's the female who dictates how far it goes," says the company's head of marketing and strategy, who uses the pseudonym Nick Michel.Now it has been claimed that real data has been leaked from the server.Beijing has banned Justin Bieber from performing in the city due to what it refers to as his "bad behaviour".

"The site is intended as a healthy celebration of the male form, so all members have to post at least a shirtless picture," explains owner Phil Anderson. But that's a choice many members happily make, attracting a large concentration of fit, friendly men.

He has had numerous scrapes with the law after being caught illegally drag racing.

It is not the first time China has taken a hard line against performers, with Bieber’s former partner Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi and Maroon 5 all previously banned in the country.

Comparatively, most foreign dating sites rely on advertising.

Apart from being a boon for businesses, the rise of online dating is rooted in local matchmaking culture and influenced by demographic and economic forces.

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