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President Barack Obama plans to make the announcement Thursday during a visit to Chicago's Pullman town, a historic industrial site that will become the first National Park Service unit in the city, the official said.

Obama is naming the sites using his authority under the Antiquities Act, which he has already used to establish or expand 16 national monuments.

"Honouliuli represents a dark period in our history when thousands of Japanese-Americans in Hawai'i and across the country were forced into internment camps during World War II," Sen. "This historic site will memorialize the strength and bravery of the many Japanese-Americans who faced discrimination and serve as a reminder to ourselves and future generations that we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past."Located in the upper Arkansas River Valley near the town of Salida, this 21,000-acre monument will protect the bighorn sheep, bald eagles and amazing diversity of wildlife and plants that inhabit the mountains and cliffs of Browns Canyon.

The designation will support outdoor human activity such as hiking, hunting and fishing, protect the watershed and keep in place existing water rights and uses.

I love long drives out in the country looking for deer... The standard Pullman blanket in the 20th century was dyed a salmon color, which became almost a trademark of the company.When a blanket became worn or damaged in service, it was assigned to those blankets reserved for porters' use.A dyed-blue Pullman blanket is today extremely rare, given its negative racial symbolism. Mine is in excellent condition X's and mauve colored with the name Pullman and the numbers in a rectangle.i was interested because I also collect Chessie memorabilia.i have seen pictures, but I have no idea the value.PULLMAN has significant experience helping owners of commercial and institutional infrastructure by not only repairing damage and deterioration, but also by applying our technology and specialty contracting expertise to protect, sustain, and enhance valuable infrastructure.

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This wool blanket in use between the 1930s and the 1950s, was used by African American railroad porters.

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