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In the same year, he starred with Richard Burton in the war movie “Where Eagles Dare”, with a boost to his net worth of 0,000 – Clint Eastwood had certainly “arrived”.

Clint Eastwood has now been involved in a total of 80 films, as actor, director or producer – sometimes all three, the vast majority successful at the box office if not critically acclaimed.

Briskly written and performed, the sitcom had fun spoofing Charlie Sheen's bad-boy reputation (which ultimately led to his exit from the series) and Jon Cryer's nervous energy.

Using other people’s research or ideas without giving them due credit is plagiarism.

A hit sitcom built on often-raunchy material, starring Charlie Sheen and, later, Ashton Kutcher begins with the premise of a Malibu bachelor (Sheen) whose life is disrupted when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move in with him.When Clint and Kelly Harp first laid eyes on the home's exterior, they thought Chip and Jo had sent them to the wrong address."What really struck me first," said Clint, "were the bullet holes." The situation inside was even worse.He and his wife Kelly were in search of an affordable home in the community of Brook Oaks.The fixer-upper they took on was indicative not only of their creative vision but of their downright bravery.

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With the smooth sounds of his vocals and the work he did with big names in R&B and Hip Hop, people often mistook him for being mixed.

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