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It came across much more as a plea to the rest of the tour to perhaps stop giving Williams so much respect and start believing in themselves a little more. “I wish the girls can be more consistent and believe that they can beat Serena, because some players proved in the past that it is possible.

And I think they don’t believe in it enough.” Henin singled out 26-year-old Belarusian Victoria Azarenka as the one player she feels is most capable of filling that role right now.

Her life was stressful and complicated, and it showed on her face.

“What I admire and respect so much is still that Serena remains the boss,” Henin said.

Justine Henin is more qualified than most to speak about the dominance of Serena Williams in women’s tennis today.

And Saturday afternoon the Belgian legend was imploring anyone on the WTA tour to rise to the occasion and be the one to challenge her formal rival on a consistent basis.

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“I mean, at her age, after everything she accomplished, and probably she will do the Grand Slam this year and beat some records. “I know what it takes to wake up and still want to go to do the hard work, and that’s fantastic,” Henin said.

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