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The biggest milestone in Ampeg's history was in 1969.That's the year that Ampeg designers Bill Hughes, Roger Cox, Bob Rufkahr and Dan Armstrong set out to build a bass amp like none that had come before it.While the 300W SVT amp head was a huge step for Ampeg, it was only the beginning.

In September, 1967 Ampeg became a subsidiary of Unimusic, Inc.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

I wrote this page originally to help me sell my classic Ampeg B-15-N Portaflex (flip-top) combo bass amplifier.

The 1972 Ampeg VT-22 is the 2×12″ combo of the V Series, and was the sibling, circuit-wise, of the V-4 head and V-40 4×10″ combo.

All used four 7027A output tubes to generate a conservatively rated 120 watts, which can often top 140 watts downhill with a good tailwind… And though we say this was a rock-intended amp, it was rock as intended it – bold, punchy, clear, and ungodly loud. Perhaps fewer players than back in the day, but, back when it was introduced, it proved to be exactly what plenty of touring pros required, most notably the Rolling Stones.

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