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He knew that reaching the highlands by foot—during the height of the rainy season—would be a slog. Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying.The original poles are sadly not entirely here, we've got two remaining.

Lured by stories of Incan gold, ruins, “Indian taboos” and “sacrificial lakes in the sky,” the explorers instead encountered a primeval landscape of soggy bog, hilly prairie, and stands of pygmy bamboo.By the early 1900s they outgrew it.”The Ballarat Mason went to Peel Street (now also sold). Ms Poole says the State Electricity Commission bought the building after that.“They purchased the building as an entertainment venue, a social club, for their staff.As part of the revitalisation of Camp Street culture, a new bar is opening in the art precinct.Located under the Lost Ones contemporary art gallery in a former Masonic Lodge, the Lost Ones Basement Bar has quite a few stories of it’s own to tell of the history of Ballarat, says owner and manager Tara Poole.

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With two companions, they spent more than two months bushwhacking down to the Amazon basin, surviving blinding wasp stings and spooked natives with bows drawn.

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