Buddhist views on interracial dating

The Tipiñaka mentions the Buddha's wife and his son Ràhula so we know he was married, but it provides no information about what kind of marriage he had or his wedding ceremony.However, later fictional biographies of the Buddha usually portray him as having a marriage which suggests that this was the type of marriage that early Buddhists thought of as the ideal.Brahmanism recognized eight forms of marriage, the most common being those arranged by the parents or guardians and which usually included a payment.Less common but still recognized were where the couple chose each other with the parents approval () was allowed for the warrior caste and sometimes resulted in violence.

The fundamental code of Buddhist ethics, the Pancasila (or five precepts), contains an admonishment of sexual misconduct, though what constitutes such misconduct from a Buddhist perspective varies widely depending on the local culture. The Vajjians used to `abduct others' wives and daughters and compel them to live with them', a custom the Buddha considered socially detrimental (D. A type of marriage mentioned in the Jàtakas was called wherein usually a girl but sometimes a boy chose a partner from a number of suitors.Such ceremonies would usually take place at a public gathering.Last week, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Long enough to have some sense of what we've gotten ourselves into. As we were getting ready to celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss, (yes, but also of wedded hell, confusion, mystery and passion) , I felt like going back to a piece I wrote for the Shambhala Sun just before our eighth anniversary to see what had changed. Did they bear any resemblance to what we imagined when we gazed into each other's eyes and said "I do? A few years ago, I was at a Buddhist meditation center for a month-long retreat. So here is my take on the marriage vows I made, whether I knew it or not...

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