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If you are to break up because you are angry about something, express yourself. Okay, you don’t have to tell him straight in the face that he is boring, weird, smelly or what-not…but lying your way out of a relationship is almost always going to backfire.Moving On Dealing with Emotional Pain Working Through Your Feelings Community Q&A Ending a relationship is hard, whether it was your decision or the other person’s decision.You may be dealing with painful emotions and want to deal with those feelings as quickly as possible.Sure, talking through your feelings with a friend can be helpful when working up the courage to break up, but try to limit yourself to how many people heard the test-run of your dumping speech. and when he finds out from someone other than you, he’ll feel more devastated and very much humiliated. Get some woman courage and tell them in the face – answering machine, emails, text messages, post-its and faxes are not cool ways to break up.This will only put you in his Worst Girlfriend Hall of Fame for life. If you are angry, chances are you are mad at yourself for not seeing who this person was earlier, or for not trusting your own instincts.

It may seem nice to offer the possibility that one day in the future, you two will find your way back into each other’s arms, but this gives the poor fella false hope.And with false hope come drunken calls at 3am, asking if you are ready to take him back yet.So be kind and make it clear to them that they need to move on.Keep in mind that by "break up" I mean any situation in which a man makes it clear that he is no longer interested in pursuing a sexual or romantic relationship with you: not calling after he gets your number, fading out after sex or a few dates, or explicitly ending a long term relationship.In any of these situations, cutting him off completely will accomplish five things: ----------------------------------------- If you liked this post, you'll definitely like my book, Beyond the Breakup, in which I add a 6th point that I overlooked when writing this post originally.

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A few days later, I looked up how to get over a breakup, and this website popped up. I became sick, she hung in there as long as she could, then sought an ex. So not only did I lose my partner, I lost my friend." pro/con thing like the article said.

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