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Her articles have appeared in journals such as "Perceptual and Motor Skills" and "Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities Research Journal." She is a psychology instructor and holds a Master of Science degree in psychology from the University of South Alabama.

She is pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership, policy and law at Alabama State University.

This is the ultimate quiz for brain testing, and you'll be glad you took it.

The title might make you say "Oh, that quiz is gonna be dumb" but it is actually very good.

Mentally challenged adults are clinically referred to as mentally retarded adults.

A Growing Problem You Can't Ignore Here's the problem: nearly all of us only use only a small percentage of our mind power; usually only 3%-10%. In fact, in any one year, one in five Americans-including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly- experience a mental disorder". Noticeable results that make a marked difference in their lives.Is your own mind secretly keeping you from the good life? When I mention the phrase, "mentally retarded", we think of an unfortunate few. Schools Don't Teach You This Schools, Universities, and Governments don't teach us how to use our mind; to think and grow. Government Declares Mental Crisis Here's a startling fact: The U. Government Surgeon General's recent report stated: "Society no longer can afford to view mental health as separate from general health".But please don't misunderstand me, I don't mean the unfortunate few, that by heredity, accident, illness, misfortune, or birth defect, are certified clinically mentally retarded. It's left up to each person to self improve, and mentally develop themselves. He goes on to say: "To a great extent, we're dumping our mental health problems on the streets of America". These are serious clinical disorders; not to mention the other mass uneducated millions who are only using a small fraction of their mind power (3%-10%).The New York Child Study Center reports that cognitive abilities differ widely across the four categories of mental retardation.The mildly mentally retarded are considered to be “educable,” meaning that they can achieve academically at about a sixth-grade level.

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